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How to Improve a Property’s Curb Appeal

A compelling way to convince prospective renters that your Spokane property is worth renting is by revamping its curb appeal. After all, the curb is one of the most prominent features of your asset. If it is dull, shabby or run-down, quality prospects will bypass it and move on to view others. So, how do you ensure your curb appeal remains beautiful, inviting and tenant-ready? Here are some practical solutions.

7 Curb Appeal Tips:

Keep the property clear

Rear View Of Home

Nothing rebuffs potential renters or buyers faster than a dirty, littered property. In fact, most of these prospects will not even bother getting your phone number, let alone talking to you. Many homeowners mistakenly fail to keep the property clean believing that the shoppers will understand the place is uninhabited. Help your property get a new occupant quickly by removing litter, fallen leaves, twigs, worn out furniture pieces, old appliances and any other unsightly items from the lawn, patio, porch, drive, and pathways.

Wash the exterior surfaces

It is not just enough to keep your property junk-free. You further need to clean it and give it that striking allure. In most cases, the only reason your Spokane rental property might seem old and deserted is the accumulation of dust and stains. Luckily, with the help of a pressure washer you can restore your property’s fascinating look in no time. If you plan well, a weekend should be sufficient for you to give your property the makeover. Use the pressure washer to remove the chalky flakey dust coating from the exterior walls, as well as, oils spills and stains from the path and driveways. (more…)

Essential Maintenance Tips for Landlords

For a landlord, it’s very important to perform regular maintenance of your property in order to prevent a small problem from getting worse– leading to a large expense. By routinely inspecting your property you can keep your property in great shape, which will keep your tenants happy. That being said, here are a few maintenance tips that we suggest every landlord follow: (more…)

How To Deal With Difficult Tenants

Every Spokane property investor wishes to have quality renters. At times, however, despite thorough tenant screening, it is possible to still end up with a troublesome tenant. One who does not pay rent promptly, doesn’t get along with neighbors, trashes the property, or who contravenes the lease agreement terms. When faced with such a situation, many Spokane landlords get overwhelmed and are unsure of what to do. The following are useful suggestions of how to deal with troublesome tenants.

Stay confident, calm, firm and objective

Bullies smell and feed on fear, and so do difficult tenants. Hence, being the property owner, you need to be confident and in control when interacting with the resident. Inexperienced owners, however, suffer from tenant-phobia, and they get nervous and intimidated whenever they are dealing with renters. As a result, the problematic resident continues to have his or her way. Fortunately, by being confident, calm and objective, a landlord can turn the tables around and even make an otherwise problematic tenant cede ground. (more…)

Top 10 Things You Should Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

Here’s a quick post for our Spokane tenants who are planning a move.

This article is a guest post from Allied Van Lines, a local Spokane moving company. 

Hopefully these tips can help you prepare for a successful move!


Top 10 Moving Tips

1) Verify the Identity Of the Mover
2) Get an In-home estimate
3) Check the BBB
4) Know Your Rights
5) Ask about Extra Care Protection
6) Avoid Large Down Payment
7) Get Your Document in Writing
8) Take Your Valuables with You
9) Ask Questions
10) Be Reachable By Phone

If you follow these tips you’ll be sure to hire a reputable moving company, which will allow you to have a successful move

7 Tips for Being a Better Landlord in Spokane

Tips for being a better landlord in Spokane

Over the recent years, the Western United States city of Spokane Wa. has seen tremendous growth. Thanks to its many outdoor recreation options, stunning downtown architecture, acclaimed education system, as well as a thriving economy. As a result, many people find Spokane to be the perfect place to live, work and visit. (more…)

Essential Sources for Marketing Your Spokane Property

Renting our your property can be a great investment for various reasons. It provides you with a stable passive income, while the value of the property appreciates. The question is can you get tenants to rent your property from you?  Well, the answer is yes, as long as you are able to effectively market it. Taking quality pictures of your rental property is essential, but once you have those pictures you need to get them out to the public. We’ve put together the following sources for effective marketing of your Spokane rental property. (more…)

Simple Ways to Fill Vacancies in Your Rental Property

Filling Vacancies in Rental Property
As the rental property owner, you’re concerned with several aspects of your rental property and its management. However, there’s nothing more important than making sure that it’s rented. Owning a rental property usually presents the challenge of having to fill the vacancies quickly and with the right tenants. After all, you simply want to minimize anxiety and maximize your profit. (more…)

Benefits of Hiring Rental Property Management

As always, real estate is among one of the best areas of investment that are available today. However, this area of investment entails a lot of commitment and work that you might not want to be involved in. The daily  management of your properties, making sure that everything is in a good working order, as well as finding and screening tenants is a full time job in itself. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you cannot take advantage of investing in residential real estate; it simply means you have to find a good rental property management company that will handle it for you. (more…)

Passive Real Estate Income with Help from Property Management

There is no other investment vehicle in the world that is responsible for creating as many wealthy individuals as real estate has. Real estate investing on the average, can be considered a slow paced investment strategy. While it may be a long term investment, hardly any other type of investment vehicle is as solid as real estate. In order to utilize real estate as a passive investment strategy, you will need an initial source of funds, either through a salary from a job, or cash in the bank. You will also need to have an eye for profitable properties, or employ the services of a real estate investment expert or adviser. Finally, you will need the services of a property management firm. If you can get these together, then you are on your way to building a long lasting stream of passive income that can actually grow to any size that you desire. (more…)

Property Management Myths Debunked

Picture of header for blog post
Real estate is, without a doubt, one of the best investment options you can find. It can be a great source of passive income, but for it to be ‘passive’ you have to keep your hands off and at the same time, it has to be managed properly. This is where professional property management can make your life easier. However, believe it or not, some people are apprehensive about hiring a property manager. The worst part is that their decision is based not on fact or experience, but on things they hear through the grapevine, which is conjecture and nothing more. (more…)

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