We allocate a major portion of our time in to advertising and promoting our vacancies. We understand the industry and the importance of properly marketing vacancies so we can lease them faster. These helps mitigate risks in owning a property by always having a constant cash flow coming in.

Tenant Screening:

Finding the right tenant can be a difficult task if it isn’t something you do very often. Our goal is to find tenants that will take care of your property and pay rent in a timely fashion. Our team has a thorough process in place, in which all applicants must go through credit, income and criminal screening.

Rent Collections:

Collecting rent can be a daunting task for some, but by choosing to work with Guenther Management, you have passed on the responsibility to us. We are strict but fair when it comes to collecting rent. This conversation takes place early on in the screening process so expectations are set from the beginning.


We utilize Internet based technologies to make your accounting easy. All owners have online access to their financial statements and appropriate accounting documentation.


At Guenther Management, we routinely check all properties on a consistent basis to ensure that they are being well-maintained by tenants. Keeping your property value, is one of our key focuses, and routinely inspecting your property is one of the many ways we help ensure it.


We provide high quality maintenance services to all our client’s properties. As we stated above, one of our key concerns is preserving your property values. With our experienced team, we help keep your properties maintained and in order at all times.


We follow our strict process when it comes to rent collection. In the case where tenants do not comply and do not pay rent, we proceed in initiating the eviction process. Our team understands the procedures and follows them accordingly to reach the best case scenario for our clients.