As a Spokane business we often get asked by new tenants about activities they can take part in. With spring in the air we thought this would be a great time to issue a light post about some of the top outdoor activities our city has to offer. Combined with its wonderful climate is the spectacular scenery and a plethora of outdoor activities you can enjoy. Here are some of those.

Spokane’s Best Outdoor Activities

1. Have a Picnic at Manito Park


Location: Manito Park

In Manito Park you can see a lot of people having a picnic, playing basketball, watching birds, and other recreational activities you normally see in the park. This 90-acre park is also a wonderful place to visit as the smell of roses lingers all over the park. You can also stroll around the park or watch the kids running around the park.

2. Visit Museums

There’s a lot of museums in Spokane. Most of which are filled with collections of artifacts and arts about the city and other cultures around the world. Likewise, most museums also have underground galleries, outdoor amphitheater, education center, and there’s even a store with a cafe.

3. Try Some Water Activities


You should also visit the activity centers in Spokane, especially the ones with outdoor tours that’s comprised of whitewater rafting and many more. Since Spokane is near the Riverfront Park you’ll definitely have a long list of water adventures that you can enjoy. There’s even a river that has a very captivating appearance, wildlife forests, and rock cliffs.
White water rafting


4. Wine Taste at Barrister Winery


Location: Barrister Winery

The Barrister Winery is the perfect place for wine lovers out there. The good thing about this place is it is a traditional winery that features the classic tasting room– it’s open on weekends and there’s also a gallery.

Some of the best tasting wines you can enjoy here include Merlot, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet. Then, during the summer, you can listen to evening music at the courtyard. Enjoy a very relaxing time.

5. Check Out the Arboretum


Location: John A. Finch Arboretum

If you love checking out various plants then you should visit the Arboretum of John A Finch. There are more than 2,000 native trees and shrubs in this place. Best of all, it was built as a tribute to one of the greatest philanthropists in Spokane, John A. Finch.

6. Walk, Jog, and Bike at the Centennial Trail


You can also be physically fit and healthy during your trip, especially if you visit the Centennial Trail. Here, you can jog, walk, bike and even sight see!bridge garden This trail probably has everything you’d ask for; you can take a stroll through the Riverfront Park and appreciate the stunning view of the Falls and you can also leave the city riding a bike. What we’re trying to say is that, whatever your plan is, there’s a trail waiting for you.

7. Enjoy Breathtaking Vistas at the City Drive


The City Drive is filled with beautiful parks, breathtaking vistas, historical treasures, and architectural wonders. Not just that, you can also take a stroll and visit the Botanical gardens at Manito Park. Then, if you’re feeling a little religious, go to St. John’s Cathedral and check out the Gothic Architecture.

8. Shop at the Thursday Market in the South Perry District


If you’re going to Spokane during spring, then you should visit the South Perry District and you’ll be welcomed with the freshest fruits and vegetables in Spokane. The farmer’s market runs every Thursday; from the first week of spring, until October. You can see a variety of organic products everywhere during this time of year.

9. Watch a Concert at Arbor Crest


Location: Arbor Crest

At Arbor Crest you can enjoy live music, spectacular sunsets, and concerts! Concerts here run every Thursday and Sunday. If you’re into classical, rock, and/or jazz, don’t worry, as these are the genres usually played by the bands here.

10. Have a Food Trip at the Famous Restaurant

In Spokane, there are a lot of restaurants all over the city. There’s the Palm Court Grill and the Crab Louis that offers the best tasting crab salad in Spokane. As you gobble up your delicious meal you’ll also be feeding your eyes because the scenery here is also spectacular!

Final Words

Spokane is definitely a vibrant city, roaring with a plethora of scenery for everyone to appreciate. For years, this has been a destination city because of its natural beauty, but that’s not all. There are also a number of outdoor activities you can enjoy in this place. We hope that the activities we have discussed above have sparked your interest in visiting or relocating to Spokane!

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